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Nourishing Your Hair With Natural Ingredients

The team at Ell’s Holistic Beauty Bar focuses on using natural ingredients because they are better for your hair. Your hair is organic material, so feeding it with other organic materials that come from the earth can only produce extraordinary results. Creating natural shampoo and conditioner products, as well as organic hair serums and more, is an ever-evolving process, but our high-performing formula aims to give you clean haircare and impeccable results. We offer new answers to individual hair needs; gone are the days where you roam the shelves looking for products that actually nourish your hair. Take a look at our gallery and shop our natural hair products now.


What Are Some of the Ingredients We Use?

  • Sage Oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Carrot Oil

  • Tea Tree Oil

  • Castor Oil

  • Alma

  • Black Rice

  • Onion Juice

  • And More!

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Our Story

Ell’s Holistic Beauty Bar seeks to ensure that our customers have access to a variety of different organic hair care products. We know from firsthand experience just how difficult it can be to find products that you like, but when you choose to shop with us, you can rest assured that we bring an unsurpassed level of passion to the work we do.

Backed by a decade of hair care experience, we offer a variety of different high-quality products designed to make your hair care routine a breeze. Whether you’re looking to grow your hair or your beard, you’re sure to find something to love at Ell’s Holistic Beauty Bar.


A Word From Our Founder, ChaRnNel ELLIS

“Everything about the natural earth is beautiful and nutrient-rich, which society today rarely taps into. For years, my family and I looked for natural hair care products that helped repair and grow the hair that were actually natural without additional chemicals and preservatives. There were very few products on the market.

So, I decided to conduct my own research and make products strictly from the earth. I found a variety of natural herbs and essential oils that stimulate hair growth and nourish the roots, while also removing bacteria and fungi from the scalp which can lead to hair loss. After several trials, we found the perfect mixture for rapid hair growth. That’s when Ell’s Holistic Beauty Bar was established. We created this product for the community to help people like me, who love the natural earth and the nutrients within it.”

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Our hair needs nourishment, and natural hair products do just that. The primary function of our organic hair products is to strengthen hair follicles, enhance hair growth, reduce the rate at which hair falls off, and keep your hair beautiful. Our natural shampoos, conditions, hair serums, and beard oils tackle every hair concern you might have, helping you rebuild your hair so you can reach your desired hair goals. For more information about our products or about us, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Shop our natural and organic hair products and start your journey today.

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