Tips To Healthy Hair


Pathway To Healthy Hair

There are several steps we must take in order to achieve healthy hair and healthy growth. Consciously taking proper care of your hair in all aspects will further help achieve your hair's natural health and length. We want to make sure that we help you keep your hair healthy in every way, so here are a few tips:

Frequent trims: Trimming your hair improves your hair’s overall health. Trimming removes the split ends and will prevent breakage. Keeping frayed ends will cause your hair to break further up the strand causing your hair to appear thinner.

Avoid too many heating tools: When you use heat styling tools, such as curling irons, flat irons, tongs, or blow dryers, your hair is stripped of its natural oils and proteins. These tools break down hydrogen bonds within your hair, causing damage.

Stay away from chemicals: Bleach and other chemical products can cause damage to your follicles and strip your hair of natural oils, fatty lipids, and proteins. But, if you do choose to use dyes on your hair, be sure to condition your hair often.

Brush your hair gently: Brushing your hair gently a few times a day is good for it, especially if it's long. It helps condition strands, distribute oils, and promote a healthy scalp.

Deep condition 1 to 2 times a week: Deep conditioning help repair damaged hair and hydrate dehydrated strands. Ensuring that you have a combination of protein and protein-free deep conditioners help support your hair based on its current needs. If your hair is damage, using a protein conditioner will help repair those strands while adding hydration. If your hair is battling with retaining hydration protein-free conditioners works best weekly, and you can use a protein-based conditioner bi-weekly.

Use silk pillowcases or silk bonnets: Silk fabric is smooth and absorbent, causing less friction against your hair, and helping your blowout last longer and reducing breakage. Do you want to know a secret? - Silk is also good for your skin to prevent wrinkles!

Shampoo and conditioner treatments: Use shampoos and conditioners that do not strip your hair of its natural oils. Always use shampoos that have organic ingredients that contain gentle cleansing agents, natural oils, plant extracts, vitamins, keratin, and proteins (such as Shea Butter and herbal extracts like sage, horsetail, and dandelion). Also, use shampoos that are scented with organic essential oils such as lavender and so much more.

Rinse with cool water: Always rinse your hair with cold water. Cold water lays down the outer layer of your hair, which helps prevent moisture loss, snags, and heat damage.

Nourish hair constantly: Nourish your hair and invest in scalp care. Use ingredients that promote scalp-stimulation like peppermint, tea tree, or citrus-based oils to help increase circulation and 'decongest' the scalp. Using organic products will overall promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair, increasing hair growth and long- term hair length maintenance.

All ingredients are included in Ell’s Holistic Beauty Bar so you don’t have to go far!

Ell’s Holistic Beauty Bar targets each aspect of proper hair nourishment, with shampoos created to restore and improve the health of your hair that are also 100% vegan and contain no parabens or sulfates. We also create conditioners that will help replace your natural lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, as well as seal the outer cuticle. Our products will improve your hair’s first defense against the damage that threatens your long-term hair goals. We also have oil-based hair serums designed to allow the nutrients to flow into the follicles and improve blood circulation to the hair while working to minimize loss and shedding.

Here are a few of our ingredients:

*Sage Oil – Used to improve circulation to the scalp, providing nutrition to the hair follicles and encouraging new hair growth.

*Marshmallow Root -Seals in moisture, improves circulation, is nutrient-rich, and contains an antifungal agent.

*Nettle - help in combating hair loss, it also helps in hair re-growth

*Castor Oil - Rapidly increases hair growth, seals split ends, thickens the hair, and repairs damage.

*Rose Clay: promotes thicker, stronger, and more luxurious hair growth. Rose Clay oil's anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties prevent baldness as it treats scalp issues like scalp psoriasis

*Alma - Strengthens hair at the roots, stops breakage, and improves scalp health.

*Our shampoos and conditioners are citrus-based to increase scalp circulation and contain herbs and essential oils for healthy hair and healthy growth.

*And much more!

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